A Welcome and the Essentials

yoga-2099060_960_720As I start my yoga journey, I wanted to talk about a few essentials to a good yoga practice and a little about my own yoga experience


Firstly however, you will be able to find photos, videos and tips on my Instagram page @cameranmillaryoga for more insight on a different social media


Growing up, I was very much into team sports and they took up all my time as I was usually playing on multiple teams for multiple sports at the same time. Whether it was soccer, volleyball, basketball or field hockey, I was always busy with sports. However, playing all these sports made me extremely inflexible. So much so that I couldn’t even sit cross legged. As well as the stresses from school, I had a hard time coping with everything life was throwing at me from graduation, university, school, work, and a social life. My mom one day suggested I take up yoga to increase my flexibility but to also help ease my mind of the crazy world. So, after graduation, I started going to yoga classes at the yoga studio in my hometown. From hot yoga to restorative yoga, I did them all and worked on my flexibility. Yoga also really helped my mind and my anxieties about the world. While most people think about all the health benefits yoga gives a person physically, we often forget how great it is for the mind as well. I’m not going to lie, meditation is one of the hardest things I’ve done. They always say to focus on your breath and the sounds but it is impossible for someone not to be thinking about anything else. It wasn’t until recently when I met another yoga instructor where she told me that mediation isn’t about thinking about nothing, it’s about being conscious of those thoughts and letting them be. That totally changed my mindset on meditation and allowed me to practice my yoga better as what I am hoping to do for you reading. I am not a yoga instructor but I am hoping to get my certificate this summer so this is a stepping stone to reach that goal. I will be giving weekly poses and their benefits to the body as well as some tips I’ve learned along the way. I will also post videos on some of my favourite practices I’ve had.


For starters, one major essential is the mat. While I’ve used many different mats from different companies, one mat stands out to me which I highly recommend. The yoga mat from Lululemon called The Reversible Mat 5mm. This one is great because the material, Polyurethane doesn’t make your hands slide around when you start to sweat. During hot yoga I find this a major issue that interferes with my practice so finding a mat that absorbs the moisture was a major need. It also is easy to clean and comes in beautiful colours if you’re not already sold. Lululemon also has a great selection of equipment like blocks to help you with certain poses, and straps that you can use to stretch your hamstrings. One thing Lululemon does not carry is bolsters. This is a rounded pillow that we use in yoga for frog pose, savasana, etc. for comfort and relaxation but you can find them on Amazon for a reasonable price. As well as if you are practicing yoga you will need to stay hydrated especially if it is hot yoga. While any water bottle works, I prefer to use one that is insulated because during hot yoga it is not fun when you go for a drink of water and it is just as warm as you are. Swell is a great brand as well as hydro flask but you can find others for a better price.


You will need a playlist of music for your practice as well. Below I have added in a link to a playlist I made using Spotify.




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