Pigeon Pose

yoga 4

The pose this week is pigeon pose. I love doing this pose after a good work out because it stretches your legs and opens your hips. This pose has many benefits, one being it actually gives you less back pain. When you have tight hip flexors, it pulls your pelvis forward making your lower back curve so this pose opens your hips and improves your curved back.  This pose is also known to help your knees and allow your hip sockets move in different directions than they are used to moving in. The steps to practice this pose are:

  1. Begin in either downward dog
  2. Lift your right leg high into the air and on your exhale move your right left through between your hands with your right ankle near your left wrist
  3. Extend your left leg behind you so your knee and the top of your foot are resting on the floor
  4. Press through your finger tips and lift your upper body away from your thighs
  5. For more intense of a stretch, reach your arms forward and bring your head to the floor with your stomach resting on your right thigh

check out @cameranmillaryoga for the instructions and a image of the pose!


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