Video Conference and Video Editing

In class this week we were able to have a video conference with Ian Landy who is a principle up in Powell River. When talking to Ian, he discussed the importance of using e-portfolios to document students work instead of the classic report cards. I found this subject to be very interesting as we are doing our tech education project on formative assessment on fresh grade. He explained to us how it allows parents to see examples of students work throughout the year, from start to end which I really enjoyed because you are able to see growth rather than just a letter grade. He also said that it can be a benefit for teachers because it doesn’t have a deadline to have assessment done but it is a continuous process that must be worked on. I liked this idea because I find report cards don’t always give a clear idea of how a student is doing and report card time can be very stressful for teachers. I thought that the idea of a video conference with someone who isn’t even in Victoria a really great way to connect with others across the province, country and world. I would love to use this in my classroom!

After our conference call, we headed back to the class to work on video editing and audio editing. I really enjoyed learning the proper way to use iMovie because I find this is a tool that many schools use for projects, so learning how to use it properly will help me in my own classroom because I can then help my students with any questions they might have about iMovie. Next, we worked on garage band to try audio editing. When I was doing it, I found it was more confusing than iMovie but it was still fun to play around with because I never knew what it was on my laptop. I found if I had more time trying it out I probably could’ve made something but I didn’t have enough time to fully figure it out and make something.





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