Yoga Blogs that are super helpful

This week I looked at two yoga blogs called ‘Yoga Journal’ and ‘Daily Cup of Yoga’. Both had great aspects that I really enjoyed reading about, however, i found ‘Yoga Journal’ had a better layout and overall better information for yoga. ‘Yoga Journal’ has different categories for poses, practice, meditation, etc. and under each categories are sub-categories where you can find more specific poses or information that you want. When I clicked on the category poses, it gave different options for core poses, arm opening poses, balancing poses, etc. which makes it easy for people to find the poses that they want or what poses to do to stretch certain muscles. Under the poses category also has the benefits of each pose, a pose finder and pose by anatomy which can help those starting out on what poses to do and why. Also, they have a section for poses for depression, anxiety, stress and back pain which I thought was great because we often forget that yoga is also a mind exercise. Under the category of practice the blog has multiple sequences that people can do at home that shows a picture of each pose with a description to lead people through their practice without having to go to a yoga studio. Another aspect I loved was it had guides for harder poses like handstands or headstands which I want to look deeper into because I want to get my headstand pose. Overall I loved this blog and will be definitely using it for my other blog posts. I think I will do some of their sequences and discuss what I liked about them and what I didn’t.


‘Daily Cup of Yoga’ had some great aspects as well. This blog had videos on certain poses and had a whole section dedicated to yoga words and terminology which I found great because the names of the poses mean nothing to some people. Even going to a yoga class and listening to an instructor, you might not know what the next step is because of the terminology so I found this a great feature. This blog also has articles on how yoga and running are like yin and yan and what poses to do after running which I found great because I never knew they went hand in hand. However, I felt like it was more a website to sell items than a blog so I didn’t love that aspect. I also didn’t find it as user friendly as ‘Yoga Journal’ was, mainly on the set up of a page.



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