Today we had a lesson on copyright and the rules around it. I never knew anything about  copyright or the rules around it but now I realize how serious some of the issues can be surrounding it. We discussed how textbooks are copyrighted; Valerie put it into a good perspective because tax payers pay for most of the salaries for academics who then go on to do studies and write the textbooks, then once published and copyrighted, the tax payers then must repay to pay the textbook and access the information. If someone was to post the textbook online who was not the publisher they could sue them for damages from money lost on sales. I found this to be crazy because if we are paying for the people to write the textbooks then repay to access the information. We also learned about creative commons and how it helps you get the license features you want and how much you want to share. This is different to copyright because creative commons lets you share your information with everyone freely. Attributions are a mode that allow you cite the author, talk about their work on your blogs and copy and paste their work which I find so great because as an educator I find we learn best when we collab together. The information we learned in todays class will help us as educators to ensure we are following protocol online and to teach our students the same so they don’t get in trouble for copy an image without giving credit. Now, I also learned that lots of the photos I used when creating my blog weren’t giving permission for me to use so I did an advanced search on google by going to setting then advanced search, scrolling to the last option and clicking non-commercial use so it was all done properly.


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