Chair Pose and Triangle Pose

Chair pose:

Chair pose is another great pose to build heat in the body and a pose you really feel in your legs. While there are many benefits the chair pose gives are body the first is it tones the legs muscles the deeper you bend in the stretch. This pose also strengthens parts of your body like the hip flexors, ankles, calves back, chest and shoulders. The chest and shoulder stretch is if you lengthen your arms over your head but you can always keep them at heart centre. The chair pose also reduces the symptoms of flat feet which many people struggle with. Finally, this pose stimulates the heart, diaphragm and abdominal muscles which is why it builds heat throughout the body.

The steps to this pose are:

  1. Starting in mountain pose, bring your feet together so your big toes touch
  2. On your next inhale bend your knees and begin the motion like you’re about to sit back into a chair
  3. Once feeling comfortable on the amount your knees are bended, lift your arms up straight over your head parallel to one another. If this is too much bring your hands to hearts centre
  4. Sit in this pose for 30 seconds to one minute


Triangle pose:

This is a pose I find I rarely come across in my practice but I still love because it takes me out of my normal poses I go through daily. I find this pose allows me to feel a stretch that’s different than most and has many great benefits for your body. Triangle pose gives our body’s a deep stretch in the hamstrings, groins and hips because when our feet are about 3 and a half feet apart it allows our groins to get a good deep stretch and when we place our hands on the ground it then stretches the hips and hamstrings. This pose also opens the chest and shoulder and is known for relieving back pain and increase digestion. If you practice this pose daily it will strengthen the thighs, hips and back.

The steps to this pose are:

  1. Begin in mountain pose allowing your feet to be hip distance apart
  2. Step your feet 4-5 feet apart and make sure they are align
  3. Turn your right foot to a 90 degree angle towards the top of your mat
  4. Move your left foot inwards slightly
  5. On your next exhalation bring your right hand down towards your right foot but place just just behind your right foot
  6. Bring your gaze to the ceiling and have your left arm follow that gaze and lengthen towards the ceiling.
  7. Hold pose for one minute then switch sides


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