Jesse Miller Presentation

Today we also had the pleasure to have Jesse Miller come in and give a presentation about internet safety and privacy. Miller was a crucial piece to working on the Amanda Todd case and works closely with the RCMP to give advice about social media, the internet, etc. I found his presentation to be extremely informative and really helpful as I have heard him speak before. However, listening as a future educator and how serious it is to think about what we post, made me quite scared but also informed on what to be conscious of.  We really spoke about the guidelines to posting images of children in our class on social media, as I never personally would because I am not an avid social media poster, I did find it interesting because I follow many teachers who post lots of images of their students on their personal social medias. Also, I found it very informative as to what people hiring are looking at and what they can see. As I know, anything you post is never really gone and have always been conscious of that, it still is very scary knowing that people can hack it. Miller also told us that if you have a iPad or phone from your work, you should not have your personal accounts on it. I have never thought of this being an issue but I’m glad it was brought to my attention because I now know not to.

I found it also very interesting how he said that video games have no influence on violent behaviour which I always thought it did. I also found it was interesting that he said online gaming will be an olympic sport soon.

Overall, I was really content with the information Jesse Miller gave us. To be quite honest, I was really stressed about this presentation because I thought it was going to freak me out and terrify me but I rather found it helpful and informative.


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