Video Conference with Verena Roberts

Today we had a great video conference with Verna Robert about open pedagogy. It was really great to hear her opinions and what she has found throughout her study.  I found it was really cool how she started the conference by getting all of the viewers to participate in a poll so we could see what everyone said.  She then went on to explain to us about this group of grade 10’s who work out of a garage to do their school work and they build a house together. They still learn math, science, history, etc. but they are doing it in a different environment and have shifts to work on building the house. I found this to be so awesome because it gives students real life lessons and gives an opportunity for inquiry-based learning.

I also really liked how she asked the question “what if we used our imaginations to rethink the possibilities for learning” I found this to be a very interesting point and have found that this is the way education is going. She also explained to us how to practice open education in K-12, by designing for sharing, participatory learning, learning networks, safe learning spaces, and expanded learning environments. I found all these points to be justified for this practice as you want to share with as many people as possible your ideas, resources, etc., to have learners to participate and have a safe learning space for students to explore. One way we can make this easy for students to understand is by giving clear assessment, clear connections to learning and thinking, reflections and feedback and good foundation skills. These are all simple things for an educator to give and show that can create opportunities for open education.


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