Music Lesson Reflection

This week in music, we created lesson plans/ unit plans with a song about rain. Every other group made a lesson plan around the song, they incorporated science and learning about rain. Asking questions like what sounds does rain make, what types of weather are there, etc. to have students think about weather and rain and how we could mimic the sound of rain with our bodies. Some groups also took the rain chant and used body percussions to add to it which I thought was great. My group did a cross-curricular unit using the rain chant and how we could make this tie into many aspects of the curriculum. Art and music by making a rain stick which then the students could use during the rain chant. Language arts by reading the book “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” and sing the song that goes along with that. Science by looking at the types of rain and making a tornado in a jar which is super fun! I found this to be really helpful because I find that while I will be teaching it is very likely that I will have a music specialist so I won’t be teaching actual music but I would like to incorporate music into my other lessons to make learning more engaging and fun. I still remember a song I learned in grade 7 about how to find the area, diameter, circumference, etc. of a circle and still helps me today, so I think if I can incorporate music into my lessons it can help some students remember concepts.

I found this also helped because I have an idea of what is expected and how to make a music lesson plan that we have coming up. I think the actual one will be better because it will only be 4 of us instead of 7 so we will be able to have more time to teach. You said in class that you have a song for me to take to Sweden so I would love to get that from you!


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