Camel Pose


Camel pose is a pose that was only recently introduced to me and my practice and honestly at first, I hated it. I never liked when it came to this pose because I found it uncomfortable and hard to breathe, but as I progressed working on it, it ended up being one of my all time favourite poses! This pose is extremely important to towards the end of your practice because we focus so much on our forward folds, and bending forward it can be quite tough on our backs so for our spine alignment it is good to do this counteracted pose to realign your spine. Some of the health benefits of this pose are it reduces fat on your thighs, opens hips and allows for a deep stretch in the hip flexors. Since you are bending your back this pose opens up and expands abdominal muscles and improves digestion and opens the chest which improves breathing. This pose I find improves my posture and relieves my lower back pain which is a huge benefit. The steps to this pose are:

  1. Start on your mat standing on your knees and have your feet resting on your toes
  2. Have them about hip distance apart
  3. Place your hands on your sacrum with your elbows close to one another while pushing your chest towards the top of your mat
  4. On your next inhale, lift your head to bring your gaze to the ceiling
  5. Follow your gaze as your begin to bend your back
  6. If this is enough of a stretch for you stay here but if you would like more, flatten your feet so the tops are sitting on the mat
  7. Bring your hands to your ankles. If this is enough stay here
  8. Wrap your hands around your foot
  9. Stay in this pose for about 15-30 seconds then to get out of the pose follow your gaze back up and have your head be the last thing to come up
  10. Repeat 3 times

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