Creating Problem Solvers and Inquiry Mindset


One aspect that is very important to me when creating lessons is allowing my students to become problem solvers. This means to allow students to think and explore ideas and come to the answer through using their previous knowledge rather than memorizing a formula or information. I find this is a key aspect to create life long learners and using this mindset will transfer into all aspects of their lives. This will allow students to fully understand and comprehend the information and be able to express their knowledge rather than just memorization.

Another aspect I keep in mind when planning lessons is inquiry. After meeting Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt who is the co-author of “Inquiry Mindset” showed me just how important and how exciting learning can become when leading with an inquiry mindset. This allows students to learn about topics they are interested in and seeing that topic from all different subjects. Leading your lesson planning with inquiry might be intimidating at first but it allows us as educators to give students an authentic and real learning experience. Inquiry can also provide more excitement in school because students will be learning what they want to learn. At the beginning of the year, when planning you must have structured inquiry then as the school year progresses reach the goal of free inquiry to allow students to understand the structure and how to use their time affectively.



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