Talk with a teacher about Freshgrade

I recently spoke to a family friend who teaches within at an elementary school within the Victoria School District. SD61 has been using FreshGrade for a couple years and as a group we were interested in hearing from a teacher about their perspective on FreshGrade.

After speaking with her there were many aspects of the conversation that I found interesting and important. As most teachers would say she said she felt that it was a significant change from the old system that the school district used and was something that all teachers had to change and adapt to. One of the biggest benefits of FreshGrade is that it allows for continuous documentation throughout the school year instead of a report card a couple times throughout the year. She stated that it is easier to manage her work load through FreshGrade instead of having a stressful week of writing report cards when they are due.

Another aspect of FreshGrade that she enjoys is being able to share the students work and progress in a more direct way with the parents. For example in her class each student was presenting a science experiment with a loved one to the class. Through FreshGrade she was able to record a video of the presentations and directly upload it onto the students e-portfolios the same day. This allows for the parents to directly see how their child is working in class and examples of the work they are doing throughout the year. It ultimately allows for better representation of a students work.

Although she did say she found FreshGrade a little bit frustrating when she first began using the e-portfolios because she had to adjust to a completely different system. She stated that now she enjoys this method better she just had to get used to the new technology and ways of documenting her students work.

Overall it was a great learning experience for me to have been shown how to use FreshGrade from a teacher who is currently using it and hearing the benefits that it has for her students, the parents, and herself as a teacher.



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